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cooking with volcanoes? 14. - 24.III.2006
If there should be fixed a global copyright concerning cooking in general than authorship can be found in between the estimated four- to six thousand degrees Celsius hot earth-core. Its heat radiation then let it bubble and cook up to the extreme, out of holes and fissures and thus, can be experienced sensually until today in forms of volcanoes and hot springs. Therefore, tasteless questions are brewing together concerning the fire-salonistic 2006th-brainstorming on volcanoes - which are ready now to be digested as hors-d'oeuvres:
"Why do volcanoes cook?"
"Were those nature-steam-pots the crucial inspiration for the invention of first h(earth)-kitchens?"
"What is the recipe of volcanic primeval soup, which is still the favourite meal of the first organisms the so-called Archaea?"
"How does a popacatapetled volcanic rabbit taste?"

Time is heating up to find tasty answers! Where? Naturally - where it is already cooking constantly for more than 3,000 years, where the atmosphere of cooking in abundance is named STROMBOLI.

Regardless of the attempted deceits of male authors of greek mythology, who transformed the volcanic hearth' to forges of steal-cooking men, the term kitchen always applied to the hottest place of food transformation into culinary. Also the most important implement beside the head was the pot. The first had to know what the second could. Only heating by fire can magicianize out of the ingredients; brew in pots supernatural sensuality and, also be served as divine-food even on the simplest table. Feeds of warm energy were by far more delicious than any cold-bowl-consumption and nibbling of nuts.

Even today it is potted in volcanic areas. For instance, on Hawaii a ritual is accomplished once a year throwing whole pigs for the volcanic goddess Pele into the crater of the permanent bubbling volcano Kilauhea. As a thankful return for this, some volcanoes use to eject bakings and soft-cookings, which should be better eaten cooled down than caught fresh, e.g. lava-bread bombs and flatfish-lava.

This years the 7th International Feuersalon; again a melange of 18 outcooked slit ears, is up to find out the plan of volcanic cooking again on Stromboli from march 14 to 24. Because volcanoes are "architecturally", physically, chemically, literary and, if nothing else, the prototype-kitchen - maybe even philosophicall, because, can not observation of and occupation with volcanisms satisfy marvelously both, scientific hunger und thirst?

If the volcano Stromboli is now projected simply as kitchen, even without basic knowledge of kitchen-Latin a menu of open questions can be OVENed: What is actually cooked in volcanoes? Once a day or a century and, since more than 3000 years - without holidays at all? Who/which cooks there what/whom how, why for whom or what? And which effects can be determined locally on living humans in those volcano steaming atmospheres? How do their own kitchens look there? Do they also let everything overcook volcanically, extended and constantly? Will they be forced to cook themselves one day? And/or - are there any volcanic effects on recipes? Are there influences on foreign visitors too? Also on the Feuersaloners as searching cookers? Will we also overcook?

Nobody knows for how long it can/will be cooked on Stromboli? Due to this the Feuersalon uses its next being on the volcano. One of its researchers is the cooking artist and/or art-making cook ULRICH KRAUSS, the passionate and artist-promoting operator of the Berlin Galerie ZAGREUS for cooking and art.

Together with him Florian Brossmann, Kain Karawahn, Bettina Knop, Claudia Klemm, Irene Kölbl, Peter Krech, Mike Parker, Gesumino Pireddu, Birgit Pollak-Pruski, Achim Pruski, Grita Quilitzsch, Uwe Quilitzsch, Kerstin Quitsch, Josina von der Linden, Janna Wächter, Stefan Wagner und Eva Wölfle they will explore and develop the richness of VOLCANO and COOKING in order to erupt the first book on VOLCANO and COOKING. Because a volcanic "ordeal" should no longer be thought as a divine punishment for human misdemeanours but, must be finally served and dined in connotation of Epicurean ism.

author: Karawahn
translation: Kerstin Quitsch
translation supervisor: Janna Wächter

eruzione da limone II - 31.I.2006
Foto: Karawahn

eruzione da limone III - 31.I.2006
Foto: Karawahn

eruzione da limone IV - 31.I.2006
Foto: Karawahn



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