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new lava discovered? 16.III.2006
On the 16th of march an occurence took place on the volcano Stromboli which has never been seen before. During our observation, directly in front of the sunset, a lava dome piled up on the crater.  Seemingly vitrified simultaneously by the outer coolness, it suddenly burst several times paroxysmused. This unimaginable row did not even sound like the opening of a ketchup bottle, but produced widely thrown out fractal lava formations as well as hundreds of red round objects which bombed on some of the Feuersalonists resting near the peak. They used in the moment of the hit the ordinary expressions for pain which even within the hysterical panic could be heard as a scientifically controlled protocol; the repeating roar of "Au!" (pronounced as "Ow").

After the paroxysms singed away, the situation amongst the "geAUtics" (pronaunced as geOWtics) calmed down, especially after the discovery that, beside the known black lava-bombs of Stromboli, there were also some ball-like red ones laying around us too. This was quite mysterious because, even though time past by since the heavy eruption, it only flamed near the ground around these red lava-balls. We interpreted this as a hint of enormous heat, which these fist-sized glow-loons must carry inside. They seemed frightening to us because their strangeness and that they might possibly explode. Suddenly, it seemed expedient to all present to just take a few pictures quickly than, leave this spot of magmatic occurrence in a rush.

Back at our basic camp, after the exploitation and observation of the photo material, we decided to name the now discovered brand-new lava-formation Au-tomato-lava. Firstly, it relates to the known lava formations like aa-Lava, in which the expression a'a is polynesian for pain, pahoehoe-lava, polynesian for rope, pillow-lava and artpa-lava. Accordingly, we based the name on our first reaction, the "Au" and its tomato-like appearance: Au-tomato-lava. As well we decided when there wouldn´t be any unusual occurence at the crater tomorrow, self-blasting of the Au-tomato-lava for example, we would return to collect some fresh samples of it for detailed examination in our laboratory.

author: Karawahn
translation: Kerstin Quitsch
translation supervisor: Janna Wächter

Fresh Au-tomatolava at the peak of Stromboli - 18:01 CET/16.III.2006
photo: Karawahn

Fresh Au-tomatolava at the peak of Stromboli - 18:57 CET/16.III.2006
photo: Karawahn

Fresh Au-tomatolava at the peak of Stromboli (detail - ca. 800° celsius) - 19:29 CET/16.III.2006
photo: Karawahn


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