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eruzione d'arte a Stromboli - exhibitions
untitled © BILLIE 2005At the 17th of March 2005 human, volcano and art synthezised to a "Monte Nuovo" on Stromboli. Opposite to the same titled "Monte Nuovo" occured on the Phlegraean Fields on 29th September 1538 the strombolian one did not lead to a change of the natural landscape but to an eruptive rise of the international art-landscape. Almost overnight Stromboli had enriched the world of art with four locations simultaneously, which offered public accesses to local and international artworks on the theme of volcanism for 14 days.

Without both, local presence of cultural infrastructures and recompense for organizational and artistic works, but simply by the common spirit of all of participants of eruzione d'arte a Stromboli a festival could be created lasting for several days, delecting the islanders and their guests as much as personally the volcano itself. Its hearable eruptions had been his daily salute to the arts.

When for more than 100 artworks together five extention-cords and five spare lamps are disposable only, and the ride to the next hardware-store takes a two days ship-trip, placements, illumination and delimitation of the own work are not for long topic of a discussion between the participants. The disadvantages of common museum-, gallery-, curators- and also budget-conditions created advantages for an unrestricted eruption of many individual art-understandment. So the variety of volcanish nature founds its adequate representation transformed by an unjudged and improvised group-exhibition, appearing as a freshly erupted and active open studio called Stromboli for more than 14 days. Then and there artworks of artists from different scales of profession were made publicly and exhibited together, where never something like this had happened before. For example in one part of the administration-rooms of the church San Bartolo, the Canonica di San Bartolo. There have been only four small rooms available for 27 artists. Due to the atmosphere of uncomplication one of the artists exhibited on the balcony, the other in a shed, the next in the bath-room and another one transformed the abandoned church-garden along with the garbage-enrichment into an accessible installation.

Like this further exhibition-improvisations were realized in another existing garden, until than a storage place for construction machines and material, the Giardino di Tano Russo, as well as the only book-shop, the Libreria sullŽIsola (a must for volcano-bibliophile!), its cantilever roof stab and garden too and also the office of the volcano-guides, Magma Trek, which is arranged around an old olive mill.

Practically and thematically all participants together made it erupting, the first public intzernational art-occurence on an active volcano - exactly through this a change of the volcano's atmosphere got activated - to the perceptions of natural eruptions perceptions of artistic eruptions became sensible, which not only enflammed the makers of art themselves, but also the 1.000 spectators too - Stromboli has about 400 inhabitants. 250 entries into the guest-book of the exhibition, which was available only from the fourth day and placed only at the Canonica di San Bartolo, are only a fragment many of those positive receptions, for which all participating artists, organizers and sponsors had donated their wonderful eruptions before.

untitled © BILLIE 2005

opening hours

untitled © work SONJA ROMEIS

untitled © BILLIE 2005

opening hours

Vulkanal © work SONJA ROMEIS
photography BILLIE 2005

The dramaturgy of the images follows approximately the chronicle of the occurencies. At this point we would like to thank all the people, who offered their photos for this documentation. Without their efforts, nothing, but a black hole could be published here. For further information and biographic notes of the involved artists - conception - programme & organization - sponsors of eruzione d'arte a Stromboli

author: Karawahn
translation: Kathrin Schumann & Karawahn
art director: Karawahn

Canonica di San Bartolo

Giardino di Tano Russo

Libreria Sull'Isola

Magma Trek



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