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Which games do volcanoes play? - 13 - 23 III 2007
Do volcanoes play the game of life?
Is every volcano - on the basis of its elementary unpredictability - a synonym for a game of chance?
Is a crater a gaming hall or a gambling den?
Couldn’t the volcanic throwing more likely be interpreted as throwing a dice?
And would volcanoes then throw rather a six or an one?
And can it be called Russian roulette to play a game of dice with volcanoes?
Is it possible that visitors and inhabitants of such a chronic playing area are compulsive gamblers?
And is all that a never-ending game or are we in the finals already?
8. Internationale Feuersalon STROMBOLI is simply playing along from March 13th to 23rd.

The players are Daniela Bahl, Eva Breitenstein-Oliva, Theresia Fasinski, Michelle Fröhlich, Kain Karawahn, Doris Koch, Michael Kominowski, Richard Rabensaat, Fabian Rehlig, Marlies Schilling, Harro Schmidt, Helke Schröder, Hannes Seebacher and Antje Solmsdorf. Their plan is to look for exactly this Spielplan of unpredictability – how can unpredictability, that exists outside a black hole, be explored?

Surrounded by countless unknown things man has become capable of sooner or later turning unknown unpredictability into well-known unpredictability, to finally reach recognized predictability. In this way professional arithmeticians try to turn the unpredictability of volcanic activity into something predictable, e.g. just to foresee when a volcano will possibly erupt?

In retrospect we can say that, unfortunately, scientists’ predictions about eruptions were until now predominantly vague – unless they interpreted and evaluated their mass of data under artistic and aesthetic contemplation, let them convert by computers into graphics and sounds. Amazingly, this method enabled occasional scientists to predict at least two heavy volcanic eruptions. These game-knowledge-gains are greatly to the credit of the broadened understanding of the unknown of the Swiss volcanologist Bernard Chouet, who does his research in the USA and has for the first time not presented a calculation concerning a prognosis of eruption but a play – a musical play. In this context Chouet speaks of volcanoes that play music – every volcano has its particular rhythm, full of determination to play THE right note of eruption.

This means that in this very moment where one of the numerous volcanic activities is understood as an artistic, music playing, playing action, and therefore the predictability of the to date unpredictable is brought about, the playing moment might consequently be characteristic in other volcanic activities too. Then this playing approach can be applied to our stay on the playful Stromboli because this volcano belongs to the few volcanic types of players who still play their game of eruption several times an hour. That means that everyone, according to his or her ability and understanding of playing, tries to adapt to the nature of this gambler’s paradise leading us to possible announcements of further rules of the game of eruptions and volcanoes while we are playing. Because playing with volcanoes means to learn from the winners - precisely from “born”, naturally successful characters - and therefore to continuously make a profit.

Translation: Theresia Fasinski

Der Vesuv als Tischfeuerwerk
Ausbruchsglücksspiel aus einem Nürnberger Spielwaren-Katalog - 1803

Würfelvulkan - 2007
Wer bricht am meisten aus?

Neuester Fund eines Pompejanischen Bodenmosaiks
Datierung wird noch bekanntgegeben

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